Yiota Skarveli was born in Sparta, Greece. She studied painting at the Metropolitan University of London, and continued her studies in fine arts at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, where she produced and developed the abstract expressionist style by which she is known today. London became her home for two decades, during which she was actively involved with the contemporary art scene.


Yiota Skarveli has presented the following personal exhibitions:

‘Uncanny I’, Art Center of the Municipality of Athens – ACMA, Athens (2000);

‘Uncanny II’, ArTower Galleries, Athens (2002);

‘Yiota Skarveli’, Art Space, 53d Sofokleous Street, Athens (2007);

‘The Book of Hours’, Saint George Chapel, Mystras (2007);

'Votives' (Τάματα), Saint George Chapel, Mystras (2008);

'Happy Days', Municipal Gallery of Psychiko, Athens (2008);

'Happy Days II', Cultural Center at Sykiki of Plytra, Greece (2008);

'Votives' (Τάματα), National Gallery of Greece, Sparta Branch (2009).


Her work has featured in the following group exhibitions:

Polish Cultural Institute of London, England (1993);

Highgate Art Gallery, London (1998);

‘Scenes in Perspective’, ArTower Galleries, Athens (2003);

‘Narcissists and Cannibals’, ArTower Galleries, Athens (2003);

‘The Rape of Europe’, Luke & A Gallery, London (2003);

‘New Order of Things’, ArTower Galleries, Athens (2004);

‘Contemporary Counterparts’, ev+a, Belltable, Limerick, Ireland (2005);

‘Les Chiens Vagabonds’, Booze Cooperativa, Athens (2006);

‘Group Exhibition’, Danubius Hotel, Regent's Park, London (2007);

'1st Athens Biennale', Technopolis of Athens, (2007);

'Where is the Art?', Athens (2007);

Michalarias Art, Kifissia, Athens (2008-Present);

'sExplosion', Booze Cooperativa, Athens (2011);

’Tio Ilar’, Athens (2011, 2012, 2013);

'Opposition Now!', Municipal Art Gallery of Athens (2014).

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